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Highly recommended in early summer to form a chemical barrier in turf areas. This kills grubs in their infant stage. Once grubs hatch, feed and burrow into the ground it's often too late. If pre-treatment isn't done then post-hatch becomes quite expensive as the post-hatch pesticide is far more expensive to purchase. Add the expense to repair your damage lawn and pre-treatment becomes value based.

Recommended when shrubs and trees become too large and need to be thinned out. By removing dead or "old" wood you allow sun and air into the plant again so it can fill out more naturally. Often once shrubs grow too large, your only choice is to replace them at a far higher cost than the pruning/rejuvenation would have been.    (read more)

Aeration of Your Lawn

Fertilization of the Lawn

Services - General debris clean up. Mow on as-needed basis to maintain a 2 1/2" to 3" height. Line weedy concrete drive and walk areas to keep sharp, clean appearance. Trim around structures, planting beds, utilities, etc. Blow off all walks, drives and patios to remove grass clippings, leaves and debris. All visible clippings will be removed or double cut.   (read more)

Spring and Fall Clean-Ups

Weekly Maintenance

Services - Clean up debris, branches, remove leaves from turf and planting bed areas to designated on-site location, or remove them from your property. Cut back perennials & ornamental grasses.

Prune trees to remove dead wood; trim bushes to ensure a clean, sharp appearance. Apply pre-emergent weed control in planting bed areas to help form a weed barrier. (read more)

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Mow-N-Man's Lawn Care Services


Recommended in spring or fall to help promote a stronger and deeper root system in harder compacted soils. Helps to loosen and decompose thatch which can eventually prevent nutrients and moisture from reaching turf roots. Quality equipment used by Mow-N-Man Services insures deeper cores and higher quantities of them! There is a difference, and isn't numerous, deep cores what you are paying for?   (read more)

Services - Mid-summer: Trimming bushes, shrubs, etc. to horticulture standards to maintain a neat clean appearance. Removal of all debris and most of clippings. Pruning may be suggested to maintain plant to horticultural specs.

Fall: Touch up of new growth following same procedures as stated above for mid summer. Removal or tying up all ornamental grasses if desired.    (read more)

If your home has a sidewalk or driveway then edging should be something you want to definitely consider. Edging will encourage people to walk on the sidewalk/driveway and not on your lawn. Edging will also give your lawn area a much neater and more attractive overall look. When done properly, driveway edging adds beauty and depth to your driveway that speaks of the pride you take in a good-looking landscape for your home.

Edging of Sidewalks & Drives

We've taken residential snow removal to a new level. Specialized equipment to provide fast, efficient removal from your drive. Our focus is to get you into your garage, and safety, at the lowest cost possible. We take only a limited number of clients to assure us the ability to service our customers in worst scenario snowstorms.

Snow Removal

Neatly mulched beds improve the appearance of any landscape. But beyond its appearance, a layer of mulch provides many other benefits. Mulch protects the plant's root systems and can add needed nutrients to the soil. It also slows the erosion of topsoil and helps to prevent weeds while retaining moisture.   (read more)

Grub Prevention

Dormant Hand Pruning

GreenKeepers Fertilization Company (our chemical side) offers a five-step fertilization plan that keeps your turf green and weed free. Our technicians are trained in the proper application of fertilizations and herbicides. By using only high-quality lawn care products, we avoid problems encountered by "discount lawn care" companies. No matter what fertilization program you select, you can be assured that we will treat your lawn as if we are in front of our own homes!   (read more)

Shearing of Shrubs

The service we provide is lawn care, but the product we deliver is customer service.

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