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The service we provide is lawn care, but the product we deliver is customer service.

After 33 years experience nobody knows more about Central Illinois’s lawns than Mow-N-Man Services. We are passionate about great looking yards, and our work shows it!

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Mow-N-Man Services

Additional services that can be added individually are:
  • Bed maintenance, including weeding, pruning, edging beds, fertilizing and mulching
  • Shearing and care of shrubs
  • Pruning for corrective or maintenance
  • Enhancements, including plantings of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees
  • Annual color plantings for each season
  • Lawn renovation including spot-seeding and slit-seeding
  • Lawn installations, both sod and seed
  • Landscape design and installation work, including lighting, patios, walks, beds, irrigation and drainage.

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Our services:

Our goal at Mow-N-Man Services is to provide you with consistent, reliable and dependable lawn care service while enhancing the beauty of your property through attentive, proactive and professional care.

We use an integrated pest management (IPM) and plant health care (PHC) philosophy that balances the horticultural needs of your landscape with your priorities and budget.

As our customer, you choose how you want your landscape to be maintained, and we will work within those parameters.

Our basic lawn maintenance service includes:

  • 1) Seasonal Clean-ups: Spring clean up, fall leaf clean up and general clean up during the summer months as needed includes removing sticks, leaves and other debris from the lawn and landscape beds as the season requires.
  • 2) Weekly Service visits for the entire growing season (April through November), which includes lawn mowing, edging, line trimming and cleaning of hard surfaces.
  • 3) Turf care program (five fertilizer applications) with weed control and crabgrass prevention. Each application of slow-release fertilizer is formulated and timed to provide maximum benefit to your lawn. We monitor your lawn to watch for problematic disease or insect infestations. Based on your turf needs and your tolerance level for pests, we will apply herbicides, fungicides and insecticides as needed to control pest populations that pose problems for your landscape.
  • 4) Turf management, including soil testing, and aerating to create a healthy turf that will need fewer pesticides.
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