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The service we provide is lawn care, but the product we deliver is customer service.

After 33 years experience nobody knows more about Central Illinois’s lawns than Outdoors Service Groups Inc. We are passionate about great looking yards, and our work shows it!

We’ve Put the “Care” Back Into Lawn Care!

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Insights & Country Wisdoms

Outdoors Service Groups Inc. and its divisions of Mow-N-Man Services, GreenKeepers Fertilization and Schlueter Brothers Landscaping understand that today's consumers are smarter and are putting more emphasis on educating themselves through the Internet. We applaud pro-activity!

As a service company our obligation should be more than just the sale. It must begin with the initial contact and

proceed in providing you, the consumer, with enough information for you to make logical decisions as to the services you require.

The links will provide you with easy access to outside experts in our field. Articles and avenues that allow a clearer, more concise solution to todays multitude of problems, all in one place, keeping you from having to bouncing all over the net and searching fruitlessly for answers.

We believe that by making you, the consumer, more educated we are making us a better client!

We don't just want to be your service company but also your "go-to web site" for answers to solve the problems that have to be solved.

"We believe whole-heartedly that we should be a Service Company focused on providing you a service, not a "lip" service company focused only on acquiring a sale."

Stan Schlueter and the staff of OSG Inc.