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When the Deluxe Isn't An Option Try

"The Basic Care Program"!

Safe for your family and the environment!

Tired of the national franchises lack of personal service, insistent telemarketing, and constant up-selling of services? Is there an alternative and still keep your budget intact?

You Bet!

That's what the "Basic Care Plan" is all about.

Quality personal service, no telemarketing, no up-selling and a staff whose focus is on long term relationships. We've taken the concept of our Deluxe Care Program and made product adjustments to bring you a viable alternative to what you've had and don't like!

Fertilizing is an important lawn care practice, as it influences grass color, ability to recover from stress, and helps prevent weed invasions and disease.

What does our Basic Care Program include?

  • Our 7-step Basic Care Program utilizes a premium non-MESA nitrogen. While still an excellent option it doesn't carry the added cost that a MESA formulation does. Its slow-release attributes are a sulfur coat derivative providing controlled growth and good color. (Lesser applications programs are available if desired.)

  • Potassium and Phosphorous are supplied in different formulations and lower amounts than our Deluxe Program and more in line with the competition.

  • Weed Control in every application - Guaranteed! Not just twice a year!!

  • Crabgrass Control is achieved utilizing pendimethalin (PreM), once the industry standard but now over-shadowed by the longer lasting, higher quality Dimension used in our Deluxe Program.

  • FREE Grub Treatment in our 7-step application. In programs utilizing less than our 7-steps this option is eliminated. With the introduction of the infamous Japanese Beetle in late 2007 grub prevention is no longer an option to be taken lightly!


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