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"Weeds-N-Done Program"

- all you need for a Weed Free Lawn!

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When the Basic Isn't An Option Try

"The Weeds-N-Done Program"!

Safe for your family and the environment!

Weeds Don’t Take Breaks,

So Why Would You?

Trying to stretch a dollar is hard to do these days. What was possible in the past may not be doable this year. However in the Peoria metropolitan area weeds grow throughout the seasons. GreenKeepers realizes that and understands the need to "trim back" on your landscape budgets in some years. We've been there too.

That’s why GreenKeepers created the "Weeds-N-Done" program. We understand that if you can't maintain your dream landscape you would desire to have a "weed-free" lawn at least!

No fertilizer - No Weeds - No Problem

The Weeds-N-Done program treats only for weeds providing you a healthy, beautiful weed-free lawn. We save the expense of applying fertilizers and put your money where it will do the most good in hard times!

Quality personal service, no telemarketing, no up-selling and a staff whose focus is on long term relationships.

What does our 4-Step Weeds-N-Done Program include?

  • One (1) Crabgrass Pre-emergent Application

  • Three (3) Broadleaf Weed Applications

$199 /year for lawns under 10,000 sqft.

What does our 2-Step Weeds-N-Done Program include?

  • One (1) Spring Broadleaf Weed Application

  • One (1) Fall Broadleaf Weed Application

$139 /year for lawns under 10,000 sqft.

Remember that even the best weed control will fail to prevent every weed. The fact is that weeds are extremely resilient and will pop up from time to time. By not applying fertilizer to increase the density of your lawn you allow voids that weeds take advantage of to take root. With the Weeds-N-Done program you can hold them at bay until you can eradicate them with the dense, green turf of your dreams!

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