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Fertilizing is an important lawn care practice, as it influences grass color, ability to recover from stress, and helps prevent weed invasions and disease.

There are important features to consider.

  • Nitrogen (N) - Nitrogen is the nutrient required most, although too much of the wrong nitrogen can cause excessive top growth, leading to assorted problems. GreenKeepers utilizes its proprietary MESA nitrogen. (read more)
  • Phosphorus (P) - Illinois has join the zero (P) bandwagon for the moment. GreenKeepers keeps watch for deficient P levels and will suggest corrective actions as necessary. 
  • Potassium (K) - Potassium is used all year by grasses, and is involved in heat and cold tolerance, disease resistance, and other stress tolerances. GreenKeepers utilizes  the premium product "Expo", a controlled-release potassium sulfate. Expo delivers what often is claimed by organics - less disease and a healthy, vigorous turf that recovers readily from damage and stress. (read more)

These are major areas where some lawn care companies cut cost by utilizing the cheapest fast-release nitrogen's (40-0-0) and leaving out the P & K to save them big bucks.

What does it cost you?

There's an old adage:

Nitrogen is for what you see... the top stem.

Potassium and phosphorous is for what you don't see... the root system and disease resistance.

There's a reason why you mow twice a week and the lawn thins to a dirt path by year-end so they can sell you an aeration and overseed on what should have been a healthy yard if done right! Who won? Not you.

What does our Deluxe Care include?

  • 5 Fertilizer Applications utilizing our proprietary MESA (what is MESA?) fertilizer which is second to none in providing controlled growth, deep green color., root generation and great inherent disease resistance!

  • Balanced amounts of P & K (Expo) (what is EXPO) applied at the most appropriate time to achieve the best results for root generation and great inherent disease resistance!

  • Year-Long Weed Control - Guaranteed! Not just twice a year.

  • The Longest Lasting Crabgrass Control Available - Dimension is the longest lasting product and our proprietary product. Not all pre-emergents are created equal. Dimension last 14 weeks when done correctly. Other cheaper product may last as little as 6 weeks. Ever wonder why you have crabgrass break-thru in July instead of lasting all year?

  • FREE Grub Treatment - Since the introduction of the infamous Japanese Beetle in late 2007 grub prevention is no longer an option to be taken lightly!

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