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Aphids, Bagworms, Japanese Beetles,
Fall Webworm, and Spider Mite Damage.

Guaranteed Protection from Aphids, Bagworms, Japanese Beetles, Fall Webworm and Spider Mites!

Protecting and maintaining your landscape's valuable ornamental trees and shrubs should be a critical component for any homeowner who wishes to maintain their property's value and help assure a beautifully landscaped and healthy lawn.

Our Ultra Tree & Shrub Program offers a complete treatment program for the shrubs and ornamentals is designed to provide year-round feeding and protection and keep your investment in landscaping protected.

If you are in need of selective applications for a particular problem we can do that too. Services are dependent upon size, quantity, and the particular insect that has to be controlled as to price.

Services available:

Late spring: Insect control for control of Aphids, Bagworms, Japanese Beetles, etc.

Summer: Chelated iron application to help maintain a healthy green appearance in stressed plant material. Insecticides (trunk, branch and foliage) for control of aphids, Japanese beetles, spider mites, etc.

Fall: Control of Fall Webworm, Spittlebugs, etc.

Slow release fertilizer, second of two feedings for flowers, shrubs and small trees. 

Winter: Winter dormant oil application to prevent insect eggs from hatching and prevent scale on your small trees and shrubs.

Disease control application if needed.

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