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How's the test performed?
Your GreenKeepers Technician will take 3” core samples from various points in your lawn to get a consistent sample of your turfs soil makeup.
Then what??
Those core samples will be sent off to a laboratory for scientific testing, and results will be sent back within a couple weeks. From there, your GreenKeepers Technician will review your results and make any suggestions as needed.

Cost is $75 for contracted customers.
Please call to schedule testing.
Sometimes fertilizing is simply not enough.

The fact is that most soils are not ideal for growing a great looking lawn.

GreenKeepers Soil Testing will provide you with a road map to the Perfect Lawn.

GreenKeepers Soil Testing Service will provide you with a full break-down of your soils composition, and what is needed to provide the perfect environment for a lush, green lawn.

How Do I Know If I Need A Soil Test?

If you’ve ever experienced the following, you should get a soil sample performed on your lawn:

  • “Even after fertilizing, my lawn doesn’t stay green for very long.”

  • “I spray for weeds, but they keep coming back.”

  • “My lawn just looks ‘thin’ all the time.”

  • “I often get a lawn disease in the summer.”

Most of these problems are caused by a deficiency of nutrients in your lawn. Your soil needs to have a “Balanced Chemistry" to achieve the best results.

Isn’t a Fertilizer Program Enough?

Soils constantly change through the breakdown of organic material, rain and other natural occurrences. Soil testing can find deficiencies that a regular fertilizer program cannot overcome, such as pH levels and other “hidden deficiencies”.

How Will GreenKeepers Change My Program Based on the Results?

After getting your results back, GreenKeepers will put together an “Action Plan” to help you achieve the perfect grass growing conditions. Sometimes you may not require a change in your lawn care program, while others may require additional nutrients, or a change in fertilizers.

How Soil Testing Can Improve The Health of Your Lawn