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Perhaps the most serious turf disease likely to occur in northern Illinois is summer patch and necrotic ring spot, two separate diseases that attack grass roots and previously were referred to as fusarium blight, brown patch & dollar spot.
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Should I Be Concerned With Turf Disease's In Illinois?

There are several diseases that could potentially infect turf in Illinois. The general environmental conditions occurring on the turf, how the turf is managed, and weather conditions all impact turfgrass disease development.

Turf diseases need favorable conditions to develop. The best defense against diseases is to maintain healthy turf through sound cultural practices, avoiding favorable conditions for disease.

Disease outbreaks often occur when turfgrasses are not managed properly or are under extreme stress, such as from poor soil conditions or perhaps weather conditions

 Should I Apply Fungicides?

Fungicides are rarely suggested for use on home lawns. Instead, follow sound lawn care practices to prevent serious problems. When a disease outbreak occurs, follow renovation procedures and adjust future lawn care practices as needed to prevent the disease from returning.

An exception here would be the control of Summer Patch Disease but good cultural practices will go a long way in its control. Continual problems with this disease is usually a direct result of over fertilization in the June application.

A Word About Powdery Mildew

Finally, powdery mildew is a common turfgrass disease in shade areas. Powdery mildew is easy to identify; as grass appears whitish in color. Powdery mildew develops primarily on Kentucky bluegrass in the shade. Choose shade tolerant grasses and follow shade lawn management practices.

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Turf Disease & Your Lawn

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