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This is a Kentucky bluegrass lawn destroyed by the bluegrass billbug. Notice the green tufts of perennial ryegrass that have survived because they contain endophytes.

Guaranteed Year-Long Protection from Billbugs, Chinchbugs, Ants, Fleas & Ticks!

Why Should I Use GreenKeepers Surface Insect Control?

Using all Four (4) Applications of GreenKeepers Surface Insect Control will guarantee that your lawn will be free all year from turf damaging insects and nuisance turf pests that can endanger your family and pets.

The multiple treatments are scheduled throughout the year to combat each season's most active turf insects. These applications treat any existing problems in addition to helping preventing future issues.

How Does It Protect My Family From Fleas & Ticks?

Ticks & Fleas, including the Black-Legged Tick, tend to live outdoors in your lawn, waiting for its new host to walk by and attach itself. Protecting yourself with sprays and repellent is one way to help, but also applying a barrier in your lawn where your children and pets play can help to dramatically decrease your chances of being bitten. Child & Pet Safe.

How Much Does Each GreenKeepers Surface Insect Control Treatment Cost?

The cost of our Surface Insect Control is based upon the square footage of your lawn.

For a 5000 square foot lawn, it is $35.00 per application when combined with your fertilization application. Or get all Four (4) for only $99 when pre-paid with one of our Fertilization Programs.

Help decrease your chances of having to deal with the onslaught of this seasons insects! Pro-active beats re-active!

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However, if you sign up for our Deluxe "Spring Special" Care Program, the APPLICATION IS FREE!

Protect Your Lawn & Family's Health From Billbugs, Chinchbugs, Fleas & Ticks With Our Surface Insect Control!