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What was a beautiful planting bed now turned to weed.

Planting Bed Weed Control Service

After taking care of the weeds in your lawn, it’s only natural that we would help eliminate the weeds in your yard’s landscaping.

Every property is different, and within each property each landscape area requires a different approach. The majority of our clients find success in the approach of our Six (6)Visit Planting Bed Weed Control Program.

A Four (4) Visit Program is also available but some break-thru can be expected and will be the responsibility of the owner to resolve.

These programs typically begin in early Spring and applies treatments every 4-6 weeks until late Fall.

However, there are some exceptions depending upon each property’s exposure and history of weed populations. Some properties can require more or less than this typical approach depending upon multiple factors.

A manager will be able to survey your site and determine what approach may be best for your needs.

Through our four or six application program, we provide season long protection from a wide spectrum of weeds. Our carefully selected formula targets the most frequent weed offenders for our region of the country.

Pricing for these programs are VERY competitive, starting as low as $29 per application, and provide an enormous labor value.

Sometimes a program isn't enough. An annual mulching of your landscape beds is always strongly recommended to reduce weed growth. Our landscape maintenance crews are capable of getting your property in shape so that a Shrub Bed Weed Control Program can be started.