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Spring Tent Caterpillar, Bagworms on spruce, Sawfly larvae on pine, Japanese Beetle, Aphids and Spider Mites on Spruce.
Guaranteed Protection for Your Trees!

Protecting and maintaining your landscape's valuable trees should be a critical component for any homeowner who wishes to maintain their property's value and help assure a beautifully landscaped and healthy lawn.

Our Ultra Tree & Shrub Program offers a complete treatment program for shrubs and trees and is designed to provide year-round feeding and protection and keep your investment in landscaping protected.

If you are in need of selective applications for a particular problem we can do that too.

 So, How Does It Work?

 When a pest problem arises, just give us a call. We will use an integrated approach to managing pest problems. In some cases pruning out infested portions of plants may be all that is needed. If a pesticide is required, we will choose the least toxic one available that will still give good control of the pest. You may be able to monitor pests to help us time control measures accurately.

How Much Does Each GreenKeepers Treatment Cost?

If you are in need of selective applications for a particular problem we can do that. Services are dependent upon size, quantity, and the particular insect that has to be controlled as to price.

A 30 ft tree will require substantially more product to control a pest than a 10 ft tree. Thereby pricing factors can vary greatly depending on the problem and solutions at hand.

Give us a call. We can help!

If you sign up for our Ultra Tree & Shrub Program we provide season long protection to all your tree & shrubs for one small price.

Protect Your Deciduous & Evergreen Trees From Devastating Insects!

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