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The service we provide is lawn care, but the product we deliver is customer service. After 33 years experience nobody knows more about Central Illinois’s lawns than GreenKeepers.

We are passionate about great looking yards, and our work shows it!

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If none of these packages fit your needs, GreenKeepers Fertilization can create you a customized program. Fill out the form on the right to get started with your free estimate!

*Spring Special" pricing only good for new customers & for a limited time.

  • Year-Long Weed Control

  • Longest Lasting Crabgrass Control

  • FREE Grub Treatment

  • Micro-Nutrient Treatment  (not included w/ our standard Deluxe Care Program)

  • Aerations for lawns with a 48" access -that's our minimum width machine  (not included w/ our standard Deluxe Care Program)

  • and our Surface Insect Treatment  (not included w/ our standard Deluxe Care Program)

Basic Care Plan:

GreenKeepers also offers a Basic Care Plan that features many of the benefits as our Deluxe Care Program at a cost cutting, friendlier price. Find out why the Basic Care Plan may be your best "budget" choice here.  Read More...

  • 7 Fertilization applications using non-MESA components comparable to the national competition.

  • Year-Long Weed Control

  • Premium Crabgrass Control

  • FREE Grub Treatment

Ultra Shrub Program:

GreenKeepers Ultra Shrub & Tree Care Program provides everything your trees & shrubs need to grow strong and healthy throughout the season.

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Enjoy A Beautiful Lawn All Season Long!

Safe for your family and the environment!

GreenKeepers Fertilization has many suitable lawn care programs for your needs. Simply choose the option that fits best for you; or select "Custom" and we'll build you a Lawn Care Program.

Deluxe Care Program:

Our Deluxe Care Program offers everything you need to get a fantastic looking lawn at a great value! See what separates our Deluxe Care Program from the rest!  Read More...


Our "Spring Special Deluxe Program" includes:

  • 5 Fertilizer Applications utilizing our proprietary MESA (what is MESA?) fertilizer which is second to none in providing controlled growth, deep green color, root generation and great inherent disease resistance!

Has the economy trashed YOUR LAWN CARE BUDGET?

But you still want to keep those weeds out of the lawn and the neighbors off your back? We can do that!



No Fert - No Weeds - No Problem

Premium 4-step program designed around minimum cost and maximum weed control.

Most residences:

$199 (Premium 4-step Spring Special includes Crabgrass Pre-emergent)

$139 (Basic 2-step Program - Broadleaf Weed Control only)


Hometown Pride & Professional Services Since 1981