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A Lawn Care Promise!

At GreenKeepers Fertilization we strive hard to provide each customer a personal Customer Service Technician who will care for the lawn all season long.

Like your family doctor, your Certified Technician will update you on the health of your lawn, making suggestions, and working with you to get a healthy, great looking lawn.

Nothing builds VALUE more than TRUST in any relationship.

The service we provide is lawn care, but the product we deliver is customer service.

In an era of impersonal communication, GreenKeepers Personal Touch Promise is designed to offer real time feedback and communication to build and enhance relationships and TRUST.

The  Personal Touch Promise strives to provide each customer a personal Service Technician who will care for the lawn all season long. Having the same Service Technician on your lawn all season long, they are able to personalize recommendations and provide feedback having the experience of knowing the lawn well. Moreover, they will introduce themselves to the customer to establish a better relationship. In so doing the Service Technician throughout the season will demonstrate care and build your TRUST by doing the following…

  • Knock on the Door - Each application, your personal technician will knock on your door to review your lawns overall health, and to provide you feedback on it's overall condition. We're your lawns personal physician, so it's important that we keep you in the loop, and update you on its overall health.

  • 14 Point Inspection - Along with our personal conversation, you'll be provided a 14-Point Health Inspection sheet with different advice tips, and suggestions on how you can improve the health of your lawn. From watering instructions to mowing instructions, these notes will let you know how to get the most from your lawn.

  • Performance Survey - We want to know how we're doing each time we come out to your property. That's why you'll receive on each invoice an opportunity to rate our performance. Additionally, an email survey will be sent to you, allowing you to quickly let us know how we're doing by answering one (1) simple question. It's our way of keeping our promise of providing you the best possible service.


The Personal Touch Promise is a series of procedures, but the intent is to show value and build TRUST with you our customer. How our customers are served is very important to us, and our Personal Touch Promise is our way of keeping you a satisfied GreenKeepers customer for years to come.

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