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Weed Control All Season!

Weeds don' take breaks so why should your lawn care company?

Almost every company that provides lawn care services cuts their costs by applying weed control during only a few of their treatments.

We don't believe in cutting costs that sacrifice the health of your lawn!

Instead, we provide weed control during every lawn treatment, keeping your lawn free from weeds all year long.

Trying to stretch a dollar, other lawn care companies provide weed control with only a few applications. However in Peoria, and the surrounding areas, weeds grow throughout the seasons. That’s why GreenKeepers Fertilization Company treats for weeds ALL YEAR, providing you a healthy, beautiful weed-free lawn.

Even the best weed control will fail to prevent every weed. The fact is that weeds are extremely resilient and will pop up from time to time, so it’s nice to know that with our Unlimited Weed Touch Up Warranty you can depend on us to come out and treat them, anytime throughout the seasons.

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